Dear parents and guardians of Fremont County School District 38 students,

Fremont County School District #38 is working with Wind River Family and Community Healthcare to get health services, such as dental, vision, well child, behavioral and public health services to our enrolled students here at Arapahoe Schools. We understand that it can be hard getting students to appointments during the day when there’s not a vehicle available or you have to work, and hoping this will make it easier for all of our parents and guardians to get the needed health services your student needs. We will be getting consents sent home as soon as possible to each student. If your student has received a consent, please sign it with the services you would like your child to receive and return it to the school nurse.

Hohou, Nestouhu,

Brenda E. McIntyre, RN

FCSD#38 District Nurse


307-856-9333 x 150

307-856-1245 fax