4th grade would like to honor those students who have been online all week with perfect attendance: Noah Brown Gavin Divers Thurlo Jenkins We are Very Proud of You!!
about 2 years ago, Connie Vincent
perfect attendance
Weekly ACHS Shout outs go to: Donavan Underwood, Julia Smith, Alexis Hutchinson, and Delmer Duran for exemplary work in their virtual learning courses last week. Keep up the great work, students!
about 2 years ago, Katie Law
great job
Teacher Parade for all students and stakeholders on Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00pm!!!
about 2 years ago, Curt Mayer
4th Grade would like to congratulate our winner for today's Zoom. All names were put into a spinner for those in attendance for our social zoom and the winner was: Gavin Divers!!!
about 2 years ago, Connie Vincent
Falcon Families No School Monday, September 7, 2020
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
No School
Arapahoe Schools miss seeing our amazing students!!! Please join us on Wednesday, September 9th from 1:00pm-2:00pm for a Drive-Thru Teacher Parade!!! All Staff will be outside their schools waiting to see all of your faces!!! All families that would like to attend please come to the school at 1:00pm in your vehicles. All families must stay inside your vehicles at all times. You may roll down your window and say hello to your current and former teachers but may not get out of your vehicle. Please follow all Social Distancing guidelines. Grade Levels will be identified with signs. We can't wait to see all of you and hope everyone can come be part of the celebration!!!
about 2 years ago, Curt Mayer
Come Join Us
Tous, If you are having challenges with your internet connection for any reason, here is a list of local internet hot spots. Please remember to social distance as well as wear your mask. We care about each of you and want everyone to be safe and well. Big cyber hugs to all!
about 2 years ago, Dr. Johnna Nunez
Local Internet Hot Spots
All 6th Graders!!! Please join 6th grade teachers for a September update on Friday, September 4th at 11am to 12pm via Zoom. We will be going over the new schedule. Virtual meeting information was sent via students' email.
about 2 years ago, Curt Mayer
6th Grade
IMPORTANT REMINDER! When you are finished with either your i-Ready math or Lexia, please log out within the site. (See pictures below with pink highlights where you log out). This will help us see your time on each site quicker.
about 2 years ago, Connie Vincent
logging out of i-Ready
Lexia log out
Wow! Arapahoe School has the best parents! Thank you for working so hard with us to try and get the kinks out of this online learning. We know it's not been easy for a lot of you, but you keep trying. Our students are going to grow and learn because we are working together.
about 2 years ago, Connie Vincent
just keep swimming
3rd grade would like to give a shout out to the following students for demonstrating hard work, consistency and trying their hardest: Jeciah Addison Wesley Antelope Sky Billsie Martha Guiterrez Nevaeh Seminole Keith Spoonhunter Lillie Goggles Keep up the hard work
about 2 years ago, Meagan Chopping
Great Job!
September 2020 Lunch Menu
about 2 years ago, Jennifer Green
Lunch Menu
Congratulations to ACHS students: Kimberlee Harris, Tristan Oldman, Paul Blackbear, Ayden Spoonhunter, and Precious Gould.  These students have demonstrated hard work, maturity, focus, and dedication to furthering their education!  Great Job Warriors, keep up the good work!
about 2 years ago, Katie Law
Tous Arapahoe Family!
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
2nd Grade
First Grade Shoutouts! We are giving shoutouts to these students for doing an amazing job last week, working hard, and doing your job! WAY TO GO! Bow Brown-Whiteman Jairus Addison Naylani Bell Adriauna Billsie-Pohipe Hunting Hill Sunrise SittingEagle Quincy Miller Gavin Chartier Santianna Mendoza Little Wind LeBeau Lorraine Tillman Mila Piper Tae’Onna Timbana Marcelina Potter Miles Arthur Precious Yellowplume Paradise C’Hair Jade Charging Crow We are so proud of you!! Ms. Cox Miss. Hudson Ms. Hovendick Ms. Gilbert
about 2 years ago, Jenae Hudson
🥁 🥁 🥁 Falcon Family help celebrate our students! 5-7 day of working online: Troy Fast Horse Perfect Attendance: Machelle Oldman Awesome job working though virtual learning!
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
Student of the week
Congratulations to our Students of the Week at Arapahoe Middle School!!! These students have exemplified Hard Work and Determination throughout the first two weeks of Virtual School and are being recognized by their teachers and staff!!! Keep up the great work Falcons!!! 8th Grade - Shaylena Crazythunder and Selena Gutierrez 7th Grade - Shayda BigLeggins, Auree Blackburn, and Wicahpi Iron Cloud 6th Grade - Honey Amos and Bre Ella BigLeggins
about 2 years ago, Curt Mayer
Arapahoe Middle School Student of the Week
📢 Arapahoe Families
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
If your student did not come to orientation, here is a short tutorial on virtual learning. https://youtu.be/oP6VIXzmLPA
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
First come first serve! If you would like a desk, please meet with Kaycee at the Middle School. Limited amount.
about 2 years ago, Paige Bowstring
Student Desks